You’ll Find Me Preorder Campaign

I’m so excited to reveal the YOU’LL FIND ME preorder campaign.

First, a little bit about the book. YOU’LL FIND ME is a beautiful, soft picture book about feeling close to the people we love even when we are separated. Whether that separation is temporary, like a deployment or living far away from someone, or permanent, as in a death. The text and pictures encourage children and adults alike to pause and think about all the ways we are connected to our loved ones in the small everyday moments of our lives.




With that in mind, I’ve built the preorder campaign around fostering connection and these conversations around connection.

For each preorder of YOU’LL FIND ME, you will get access to all of the digital files that I will be creating for you to share with your parent, grandparents, children, etc. These files will help you share your “You’ll Find Me Moments” with your loved ones. The first digital file is a Mother’s Day card with the cover of the book on the exterior and a pretty place to write three “You’ll Find Me Moments” in the interior.

There will be a similar card for Father’s Day and Grandparent’s Day as well as one for families experiencing deployment and one specifically for families preparing to lose a loved one (or who have recently lost someone.)



You will also receive the supplies to make “You’ll Find Me” bracelets. These will be simple braided floss bracelets with a small charm. The idea is that your child and the person they want to feel connected to can make the bracelets together and discuss their You’ll Find Me moments and then wear the bracelets and every time they look at it, they can feel connected. This is a technique that I’ve had other parents use for separation anxiety and so I hope it helps you.

I will also be donating $1 to the International Rescue Committee for every preorder to help support their vital work in protecting families and reuniting or keeping them together.

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To get your preorder goodies, simply email proof of purchase to

You will get instant access to each of the digital files as they are released each month and I will send the bracelet supplies in September, closer to the book’s release.


Find the book here!


Barnes and Noble


Can’t wait to hear from you!

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